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2016-11-28 14:04:09 by SebzX12


He Returns?...No, way...

2016-07-09 18:28:15 by SebzX12

PROXICIDE or an Impostor?


Um, I was searching up Tekken Hall of Fate ost and I came across a comment that said, Proxicide returns. He is now going by his name Proxicide_Reborns. Um, idk what to say guys, im speechless. It's like that episode of Naruto Shippuden, when Granny Chiyo saw Sasori's face. I think its a fake, but idk, i will be the judge of that. My inspiration is coming back again. #Kreygasm/

There are somethings that I want to point out for you guys that I dont feel like its him.

- Look at his YouTube wallpaper banner. I took a screenshot of his YouTube wallpaper Banner. A match has been found. LINK: Proxicide usually makes his own backgrounds.

- His Instagram photo icon is from his Photobucket profile that he got. Its a soccer thing he did. He could of just saved it and uploaded to instagram. Sounds really lazy, right?

- The video he uploaded could've been extracted source from NG or Tabmok99 and got the .swf. - Lets just see how the movie is gonna look like....



Moving Channel FeelsBadMan

2016-03-06 16:57:22 by SebzX12

Hey fans, I have decided to to move to a new channel for no given reason. Well, there are a bunch of reasons why i'm moving but im too lazy to write them out. :/



My Motivational Speaker & Goals

2016-01-17 01:48:13 by SebzX12

Don't let your dreams be dreams
Yesterday you said tomorrow
So just do it
Make your dreams come true
Just do it

-Shia Lebouf

GOALS: 1.making my animations longer than a minute.

             2.longer fight scenes

             3. less masturbaitions 



COMING SOON 12.10.2015

2015-12-01 20:32:06 by SebzX12

I TOLD YOU COMING SOON! There is no description.... MY STREAM

2015-09-05 21:49:09 by SebzX12

Hey fans and people, I will be now streaming my work that I do in Flash and 3DS Max at Twitch. Feel free to post any questions there while I work :D

1ST Photoshop Animation!

2015-07-18 19:35:00 by SebzX12

Hello Fans and newcomers, for the past months I have learned basics of photoshop and I made a 2v2 sprite animation on photoshop. This took me 3 days to make because i had to go over them and add a hitspark. The photoshop version I used is Adobe Photoshop 7.0 because it's less laggier and good to work with in my opinion.


Hope you guys enjoy!                                                              Megaman Short Test:


- Sezicide








Ryu vs Scorpion (SNES Style)

                                                        MK vs Donkey Kong


2015-01-27 12:39:58 by SebzX12

Hello fans, I have something to say... and that thing is... that I am a complete liar and a fraud! the reason I am saying that is because, if you havent notice i've been copying a legend named proxicide. I only copied his stuff because I missed seeing his stuff. I post animations like MK vs SF animations and Madness Combat (His style) to make it seem that he did it. He is a huge inpiration to my work that I've done in the past 4 years. I also agreed what R1665 said to me. 

R1665: I think Proxicide still has a couple of Dress-Up Sims that you have yet to decompile and plagiarize. If you're going to rip off his sprites and his madness stuff, you might as well steal his dress-up sims too. Make it ahat trick. ...a rotten, thieving, lying, decompiling, shithead hat trick.

I guess figuring out how to do things on your own is just too hard. Fuck me for thinking you might have actually learned something over the last few videos.

I have deleted some work that was Proxicide's style related. From this day forth! I will continue to work on my style!

Thank you for cooperating!

Nothing To Do

2014-11-10 21:57:13 by SebzX12

I have nothing to animate in the momment...... if somebody have an idea post comment below.

New Mortal Kombat Series

2014-10-04 13:08:32 by SebzX12

Hello folks, I decided to quit madness because it is very hard and complicated to work with and someone in youtube told me that i should start to make my own mk series.